The History of L'Arche Montreal

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This project was originally meant to be a loose outline of the important events that have taken place at L'Arche Montreal since its foundation in Verdun in the 1970s. In the author's hands, it has become a particular recounting of the community's history, through passionate interviews that add to the innumerable personal and community stories lived throughout the years.

The History of L'Arche Montreal will invite you to discover all the energy that was invested to bring this community of people dedicated to friendship and mutual support to fruition. You will find old friends, and some names that will make you smile because of the anecdotes they recall to your mind. You will find Robert Boivin, the community?s ? rst spiritual guide who passed away on July 23rd, 2012. You will read the thoughts and re? ections of certain members of the community that will move you by their sincerity. You will be struck by how much the thinking and charisma of Jean Vanier has impregnated those who have steered the community of L?Arche Montreal during the course of the thirty ? ve years of its existence.If you already know a bit about L?Arche, this history will help you to have a better idea that is even more intimate and more authentic.

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